Parking Ramp

An aesthetically pleasing parking ramp 2500 1667 UrbanWorks Architecture

An aesthetically pleasing parking ramp

via Southwest Journal After I graduated from college, I worked at an architectural firm in San Francisco for a couple years. The architects there used to make fun of what they called the city’s “beauty contest” for new development. Architectural renderings were submitted to the city by developers and then evaluated on how the proposed…

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360-stall parking ramp planned for North Loop of Minneapolis 4800 2400 UrbanWorks Architecture

360-stall parking ramp planned for North Loop of Minneapolis

via Star Tribune “A developer won approval to build a six-level, 360-stall parking ramp in the North Loop, one of the largest parking structures to be proposed recently for the neighborhood. Earlier this week, the Minneapolis Planning Commission approved plans for a new parking facility on a surface lot on N. 3rd Street and 10th…

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