Testimonial – Touchstone 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – Touchstone

“UrbanWorks is very collaborative in design approach.  They have been engaging and integrated our feedback in ways that strengthen the project.” —Martha Lantz, Former Executive Director, Touchstone Mental Health

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Testimonial – Kraus Anderson 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – Kraus Anderson

“Drawings produced by UrbanWorks reflect an expert understanding of the building process and are extremely well coordinated.” —Dave Rollins, Vice President, Kraus Anderson

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Testimonial – Henderson 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – Henderson

“The Henderson is an exceptional building and fits so beautifully into the neighborhood. Hats off to the design team and all those who obviously put a great deal of “heart” into making the facility a wonderful success and a fitting tribute to Marge. I’m sure she is thrilled to tears with the result.” –Jeff Henderson,…

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Testimonial – Mortenson 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – Mortenson

“UrbanWorks’ attention to detail, and openness to support the modeling process was far superior to any other architect I have worked with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to start a new project.” —Nathan House, Integrated Construction Coordinator, Mortenson Construction

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Testimonial – PPL 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – PPL

“UrbanWorks does a great job with the budget. They aren’t overly attached to trendy magazine cover solutions, but rather find the right balance that creates a solution that works best for us.” —Chris Wilson, Director of Real Estate Development, Project for Pride in Living

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Testimonial – Frana 150 150 UrbanWorks Architecture

Testimonial – Frana

“When we build off plans designed by UrbanWorks, we have fewer change orders, and a lower cost per square foot. At every step of the process, they work with us to manage the budget. And, they finish their drawings!” —Mike Benedict, Executive Vice President, Frana Companies  

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