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Coming Soon: Hodges Bend

via Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

“Tulsa, Oklahoma’s favorite high-end coffee and cocktail spot heads for Prospect Park.

The Great St. Paul gold-rush of 2017 looks to be continuing into 2018 folks, because I just got off the phone with Chip Gaberino, the owner of several signature Tulsa, Oklahoma companies, and he’s opening a new spot in St. Paul, in early 2018.

The most important companies Gaberino owns for our purposes are Hodges Bend, a restaurant, bar and high-end coffee spot, and Topeca Coffee, a third-wave importer, coffee-shop, and roaster that grew out of Gaberino’s wife’s family coffee estate in El Salvador.

Turns out that the developer behind the ritzy new apartments at 2700 University (near 280 and Prospect Park) does business in Tulsa and became a big fan of Hodges Bend, and thus convinced Gaberino and his crew to open a second location up here.” Read More.