Three UrbanWorks Projects in Dougherty Mortgage’s “Market Viewpoint” 2550 1500 UrbanWorks Architecture

Three UrbanWorks Projects in Dougherty Mortgage’s “Market Viewpoint”

via Dougherty Mortgage “Market Viewpoint” Twin Cities Multifamily Market 2016-17″

Three UrbanWorks projects are noted on page three of Dougherty Mortgage’s “Market Viewpoint: Twin Cities Multifamily Market 2016-17” – The Cameron is noted as a new development in the North Loop, and Cornerstone Creek and 66 West are listed as “two notable affordable developments” in first-ring suburbs.

“This report continues [Dougherty Mortgage’s] comprehensive look at the Twin Cities Apartment market this decade. This year’s report analyzes the development peak in the Twin Cities suburbs, especially in notable commercial districts such as Southdale, Arbor Lakes and the I-494 Strip. We have also included updated information on affordable rental development throughout the Twin Cities.

We hope that you learn about the key trends that have shaped the Twin Cities rental market this past year as well as important trends to consider for 2017.” Read More

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