Minneapolis, MN


Schafer Richardson


1,700 sf Retail, 163 Units



Positioned at the intersection of Broadway Avenue and West River Road in Minneapolis, Peregrine introduces sustainable, high-quality affordable housing to the Mississippi riverfront. The development also includes retail space, creating a mix of uses and enhancing the public realm at a busy intersection. This construction, featuring post-tension concrete and wood framing, adds 163 new homes with phenomenal views of the river, skyline, and surrounding neighborhood.
The design comprises six- and seven-story wings connected at the center, providing outdoor spaces on both sides for residents to grill, socialize, and kids to play. Additional amenities include a community room, flexible work areas, a fitness center, and an indoor youth activity room. Peregrine is clad mostly in textured, metallic copper panels, creating to a rich play of light and color throughout the day.