Lebanon Hills Maintenance Facility


Lebanon Hills Regional Park


Dakota County


40,000 SF Office/Storage, 5,000 SF Greenhouse, 1,600 SF Head House

To Be Completed


The Lebanon Hills Maintenance Facility will be a new modern campus, replacing outdated shop buildings within Lebanon Hills Regional Park and providing a much needed resource for Dakota County. With a budget of $26.5 million, the project aims to enhance service capabilities for maintenance, natural resources, and visitor service functions.
This new facility will include office space, heated and cold storage, a vehicular wash bay, fuel island, and material containment areas to accommodate various operational functions. Additionally, a new greenhouse will enable the Natural Resources department to expand native plant production and further support prairie restoration efforts across the region. A climate-controlled head house will provide an ideal environment for staff, volunteers, and Master Gardeners to work and utilize laboratory equipment.
Careful consideration was given to the site layout, focusing on minimizing environmental impact. The structures are strategically positioned to avoid sensitive wetland areas, preserve existing trees, and create a buffer zone between the facility and neighboring residential areas. Upon completion, this project will bolster the County’s ability to serve its residents and contribute to the conservation of Lebanon Hills Regional Park for generations to come.